Aram and Aram

Written by Rostom Aghanian on .

Just got back from a road trip to Northern California. On the trip, we stopped at two shops which were listed on the Hayk the Ubiquitous Armenian website as Armenian establishments: Aram's Cafe in Petaluma and Aram Bakery in San Jose.

Aram's Cafe was much more than I expected in terms of its Armenian influence in a city considerably far from any Armenian community (Petaluma is 40 miles north of San Francisco--the nearest Armenian community). Upon entering the restaurant, you see the two tall walls on your left and right are draped with Armenian decoration: rugs, the ubiquitous William Saroyan poster, maps of Armenia, photos of Echmiadzin, and much more. The menu was also impressive as there were numerous items which referred to "Armenian" this and "Armenian" that. Taste wise I'd have to say the place was not bad, but certainly nothing to boast about.

Aram's Cafe in Petaluma, CA

On the other end of the spectrum was Aram Bakery. Who would have ever thought that a place named Aram would not be Armenian owned? Certainly not I. Well, it is apparently owned by an Iranian and the selection of pastries certainly attested to that. No gatas. No nazooks. No Armenian pastries. Oh well, at least now we all know. It has been removed from the website listings.

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