Become a Community Ambassador

We are looking for individuals (or groups) to become Community Ambassadors for Armenian communities around the globe.

Every month thousands of people visit Hayk the Ubiquitous Armenian website to learn about an Armenian community they will be visiting, live in, or simply to find out some facts about it. Help us expand and reach our goal of covering all the Armenian communities around the world.

As a Community Ambassador you will be responsible for representing your Armenian community on this website. This includes providing general information about the community, a listing of the establishments (e.g. shops, restaurants, churches, organizations), as well as being a point of contact for anyone interested in finding out more about the community that you represent. Furthermore, as a Community Ambassador you get to learn about your community in detail: research its historical roots, talk to establishment owners/leaders, and much more. Sound interesting? Read on for details....

What does a Community Ambassador do exactly?
  • Gather and provide information on Armenian establishments in your community. Establishments include Armenian churches, shops that sell some Armenian products, restaurants that serve Armenian or Armenian-type food, organizations, and any significant Armenian monuments or structures. Optionally, any location that is a popular gathering spot for Armenians (e.g. a park, a cafe) and any Armenian related museums, theaters, or schools can be included.
    • 75-200 word description of each establishment.
    • 1-3 photos for each establishment (not including organizations as they are usually located in an office).
  • Gather and provide a short (300 - 600 word) synopsis of your Armenian community. This should include historical facts (i.e. when and how Armenians came there, significant milestones) as well as current information (i.e. Armenian population, noteworthy events, media outlets) about the community.
  • Answer questions from users about the community. Your name (or alias) will be published on the website as the Community Ambassador and any questions regarding your community (i.e. historical, tourist visit, general inquiry) will be forwarded to you. Don't worry, we will not expose your email address or any personal information about you other than your first name.
  • Keep your community information up to date. If a shop closes down or a new restaurant opens in town, then you'll need to update the website with the revised information.
Do I get paid for the work I do as a Community Ambassador?
No, Community Ambassadors are volunteers who want to make their Armenian community better known to the rest of the world. Take pride in your little Armenia and the work that you do here as representative of your community.
Can I volunteer for a community that is already listed on this site?
Absolutely. Communities are always changing and we want this website to evolve with the communities, so we need all the help we can get.
Alright, I'm ready to become a Community Ambassador. What do I need to do to get started?
Simply contact us using our Contact Us form.

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