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Armenian Churches in Cyprus (Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol)

Armenian Evangelical Church
Mahmoud Pasha Street, Nicosia, 1150

*** Turkish-occupied since 1974 *** Nicosia's Armenian Evangelicals originally shared their services with the Reformed Presbyterians and Greek Evangelicals, opposite the old Electricity Authority building. On 23/07/1946 they opened their own church to ...

Sourp Amenapergitch Chapel
28 Corinth Street, Strovolos, Nicosia, 2008

In 1995, brothers Aram and Bedros Kalaydjian erected the chapel of Sourp Amenapergitch on the premises of the Kalaydjian Rest Home for the Elderly, to address the spiritual needs of its residents. It was consecrated on 16/02/1997 by Catholicos Aram I. Mas ...

Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church
47 Armenia Street, Strovolos, 2003

Having lost the namesake medieval church in the walled city of Nicosia during the 1963-1964 troubles, the community gradually felt the need to build a new church. After the continuous efforts of Representative Dr. Antranik L. Ashdjian, on 25/09/1976 the f ...

Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church (Old)
Victoria Street, Nicosia, 1150

*** Turkish-occupied since 1964 *** Originally a Benedictine/Carthusian nunnery led by princess Fimie, daughter of the Armenian King Hayton II, this 1308 Gothic church near Paphos Gate passed into the hands of the Armenians sometime before 1504. On the ...

Sourp Boghos Chapel
Shakespeare Street, Nicosia, 1102

This chapel was built to serve the old Armenian cemetery in Nicosia in 1892, in memory of the cemetery's benefactor, Constantinopolitan Boghos Odadjian. After the 1963-1964 troubles it was abandoned, as it was adjacent to the UN Buffer Zone. In 2005 part ...

Sourp Haroutiun Chapel
Gregoris Afxentiou Avenue, Ayios Dhometios, 2365

This chapel was built to serve the second Armenian cemetery in Nicosia in 1938, in memory of the cemetery’s benefactor Haroutiun Bohdjalian. It was consecrated in 1949. After the Turkish invasion of 1974, it fell within the UN Buffer Zone. Until 2007, vis ...

Sourp Kevork Church
16 Vassilis Michaelides Street, Limassol, 3026

In 1939, Mrs. Satenig Soultanian purchased land near the Greek-Orthodox church of Ayia Zoni in the town centre, and donated it to the Armenian Prelature for a church to be built. The church, dedicated to Sourp Kevork-in memory of Mrs Soultanian's father, ...

Sourp Magar Monastery
Plataniotissa Forest, Halevga, 9570

*** Turkish-occupied since 1974 ***Founded circa the year 1000 by Copts, sometime before 1425 it passed into the hands of the Armenians. Until 1947 a large number of beautiful and invaluable manuscripts (dated 1202-1740) and vestments were housed there. I ...

Sourp Mariam Ganchvor Church
Kishla Street, Famagusta, 5000

*** Turkish-occupied since 1974 *** This fortress-like building at the north-western end of the old city, was built in 1346 in typical Armenian fashion but with Cypriot masonry. It is thought to be part of an important monastic and cultural centre, where ...

Sourp Stepanos Church
21 Armenian Church Street, Larnaca, 6022

A little after the Adana massacre in 1909, its community leaders sent money to Larnaca for a church to be built, provided it was named after Sourp Stepanos, the patron Saint of Adana, whose church there was burnt down by Turkish mobs. It was originally bu ...

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