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Armenian Organisations in Cyprus (Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol)

Armenian Club
13, Tefkros street, Larnaca, 6011

The Armenian Club in Larnaca was established in 1931 by a group of Armenian refugees, affiliated with ARF Dashnaktsoutiun. The Armenian Club has played an important role in the social and cultural affairs of the Armenian community in Larnaca, by organisin ...

Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU)
Limassol Avenue, Nicosia, 2112

AGBU first opened its chapter in Nicosia in 1913, with no particular club house until 1957 (opposite the old Sourp Asdvadzadzin church in the Turkish-occupied part of Nicosia). Having lost its premises in 1963, when the entire Armenian quarter of Nicosia ...

Armenian Young Men's Association (AYMA)
Alasia & 8, Valtetsi street, Nicosia, Strovolos, 2008

AYMA was established in late 1934, by a group of Armenian young men, refugees of the Genocide, affiliated with ARF Dashnaktsoutiun. Throughout its existence, AYMA has played a vital role in the social, cultural and sporting affairs of the Armenian-Cypriot ...

Nor Serount Cultural Association
5, George Christodoulou street, Nicosia, 2014

Nor Serount is the newest of a series of Armenian-Cypriot clubs. It is affiliated with SDHP Hunchakian. It opened its doors in 2006, very close to the two larger clubs (AYMA and AGBU) and the Melkonian Educational Institute. Its premises were inaugurated ...

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