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Armenian Young Men's Association (AYMA)

Alasia & 8, Valtetsi street
Nicosia, Strovolos 2008    Map


AYMA was established in late 1934, by a group of Armenian young men, refugees of the Genocide, affiliated with ARF Dashnaktsoutiun. Throughout its existence, AYMA has played a vital role in the social, cultural and sporting affairs of the Armenian-Cypriot community. Its football team used to compete in the First Division (1947-1956 & 1960-1962), but as of 1975 it competes in the Amateurs' League. In the past, AYMA also had a scout's group (established 1959). In 1986 it moved to its newly-built premises, 23 years after losing its building during the 1963 Turkish-Cypriot mutiny. Also housed at the AYMA premises are the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association ("Oshagan" chapter), the Armenian National Committee of Cyprus, the Armenian Relief Society of Cyprus ("Sosse" chapter), the Armenian Youth Federation of Cyprus and the Azadamard Youth Centre, which publishes the monthly newspaper "Artsakank". In 2001 an obelisk, containing martyrs' remains from the Der Zor desert, was built in front of the club.

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