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Armenian Shops in Fresno, CA

Hye Quality Bakery
2222 Santa Clara St., Fresno, CA, 93721
(559) 445-1511

Located in the heart of downtown Fresno, and what used to be known as Fresno's Armenian Town neighborhood, this bakery is one of the oldest Armenian businesses in Fresno. Established in 1957, the bakery is still owned and operated by family members of the ...

Nina's Bakery
2022 Shaw Ave., Fresno, CA, 93711
(559) 449-9999

Nina's is a bakery and market in one. At one end of this little shop you will find Nina's own baked goods such as gata, nazook, and other Armenian pastries. At the other end of the store are the shelves of Armenian and Middle Eastern canned and boxed good ...

Valley Lahvosh Baking Company
502 M St., Fresno, CA, 93721
(559) 485-2700

Founded back in 1922 in what used to be known as Fresno's Armenia Town neighborhood, Valley Lahvosh Baking Company (also known as The Original California Baking Company) still stands today in its original location and ran by the same family that originall ...

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