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Armenians in Montreal, QC

Early days: Armenians in Quebec—the province that Montreal lies in—can be dated back to the early 1900s. These settlers came from Pennsylvania, attracted to the mining business in Quebec. As more Armenians came to Quebec, they began settling in the metropolis of Montreal. In 1925, 70 Armenians lived in Montreal and 43 Armenian owned businesses existed in the Quebec province according to the Armenian-American Encyclopedic Almanac (Vartanian). Population growth was fairly slow until after the Second World War when Montreal's Armenian population began to grow and expand to nearby cities.

Today: Population of Armenians in Montreal and its nearby cities is about 25,000, with a large population in the suburb of Laval just 15 miles north of Montreal. Armenian life in the area is evident by the numerous Armenian restaurants, shops, and organizations. Additionally, the city is home to an Armenian Genocide monument erected in 1998 in Marcelin-Wilson Park in the l'Acadie district, two Armenian schools (Sourp Hagop Armenian School and Alex Manoogian School), and the Horizon Weekly newspaper.

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