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Sevan Restaurant

21607 Horace Harding Expy.
Bayside, NY 11364    Map
(718) 281-0004
Located in the Queens borough of New York, Sevan Restaurant started out as a grocery store and bakery, which is still in existence today and just next door to the restaurant. In 2005 the shop expanded to the adjacent store to open Sevan Restaurant. The restaurant's menu is a panoply of foods from not only Armenia, but nearby countries as well. You'll find Middle-Eastern favorites such as kebob, lahmajun, and babaganush, Russian entrees such as pelmeni and borscht, and Armenian foods such as manti, khinkali, and even a basturma omelette for lunch.

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By Michael F., February 23, 2018
Went here with my friend after telling him I wanted to try Armenian food. He said this was the place to go. He was right. Absolutely everything was... Read More...

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