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Mt Ararat Bakery

220-16 Horace Harding Exp.
Queens, NY 11364    Map
(718) 225-3478
Known to the locals simply as "Ararat Bakery", Ararat is located in the Oakland Gardens neighborhood of Queens, New York. The bakery is popular for its variety of breads including lavash and fresh-out-of-the-oven barbari bread, along with many other sweet and savory breads and goodies. The bakery also sells a large variety of Mediterranean foods such as olives, olive oil, soujuk, mortadella, jams and much more.

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By Swatee A., February 25, 2018
My mom and I were on our way to another bakery to buy some Baklava. When Mt. Ararat caught my mom's eyes! There is a free parking lot behind the store (If... Read More...

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