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Armenians in Sydney, NSW

Early Days: Sydney and the surrounding New South Wales area were one of the first places that Armenians immigrating to Australia settled in. The first substantial migration to NSW area was following WWII, when conditions in the Middle East and Southeast Asia forced Armenians to leave to find new homes. By 1954, a considerable amount of Armenians constituted the first Armenian Apostolic Church services to be held in Sydney. Church services were held in private homes or rented Churches, until in 1957 when a church in the Surry Hills suburb of Sydney was purchased and consecrated for the Apostolic Church.

Immigration continued over the years, mainly caused by families coming to reunite with relatives or friends already in Australia. In 1966 the Armenian Apostolic Church moved about 15 Km north to Chatswood with the purchase of a new building. By 1975 the Sydney Armenian population was estimated to be approximately 1,400 families.

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